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Michael STENNETT Born in 1717 Died in 1794 He Married Phoebe (Unknown),  She died in 1787, The records show only one Child.

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Thomas STENNETT Born, (Unknown) Married Ely (Unknown). The records show  only one child.

Frederick. Born, (5/3/1818), Boston, Lincolnshire, Eng.

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Frederick STENNETT,  Born, 5/3(1818) Boston, Lincolnshire, England. Died, (14/5/1912). Campbelltown, NSW. Married, 27/4/1843. Rose Ellen Maria DUNN.. Born, (7/5/1821) Sydney, NSW. Died, (2/1/1899) Quaama, NSW.
There is no prior information on Frederick. There were eleven children.

Frederick Thomas. Born,  (13/2/1844). Sydney, NSW. Died, (1927). Bellingen, NSW.
Alfred Goodwin. Born, (23/2/1846 ), Sydney, NSW. Died, (1820). Granville, NSW.
Emily Ely. Born, (6/2/1848). Mudgee, NSW. Died, Woodlands, Cabargo, NSW.
Louisa Agness. Born, (26/2/1850). Paddington, NSW. Died, Hornsby, NSW.
Matilda, Born, (21/8/1852 ). Paddington, NSW. Died, Paddington, NSW.
Rose Alice. Born, (21/8/1852). Paddington, NSW. Died, Campbelltown, NSW.
Clara Lydia. Born, (1/5/1854). Paddington, NSW. Died, Paddington, NSW.
Arthur Charles. Born, (10/2/1856). (Unknown). Died, (1938), Hornsby, NSW.
Edwin Felix. Born, (7/5/1858). Wollongong, NSW. Died, (Southgate, NSW.
Herbert Roland. Born, (16/1/1861). Wollongong, NSW. Died, Bankstown, NSW.
Sidney Thornton. Born, (16/1/1861). Wollongong, NSW. Died, Burwood, NSW.

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Frederick Thomas STENNETT. Born, (13/2/1844)  Sydney, Died, (1927), Married, (1867), Emily Toreb
THORNTON. Born (unknown).There were five children.

Mable T. Born, (1868), Eden, NSW. Died, (Unknown).
Ely M. Born, 1869), Eden, NSW. Died,  (1912), Bellingen, NSW.
Frederick Thornton. Born,  (1871), Bega, NSW. Died, Bega, NSW.
Edith Zorel. Born, (1873), Bega, NSW. Died, (Unknown).
Constance Irene. Born, (1874). Bega, NSW. Died, (Unknown).

No Further Information.


Alfred Goodwin STENNETT.  Born, (23/2/1846). Died, (1920). Sydney NSW. Married (1877)  Fanny HAVINDEN.   Born, (1853).  There were nine children.

Lillian R. Born, (1877)  Bega, NSW. Died, (Unknown).
Florence Laureina. Born,  (1879),  Bega, NSW. Died, (Unknown).
Lyla Madeline. Born, (1881),  Bega, NSW. Died, (Unknown).
Cyril Alfred. Born, (1883),  Bega, NSW. Died, (Unknown).....(See Below)
Ely May. Born, (1885)  Bega, NSW. Died, (Unknown)..... (See Below)
Amy L Born, (1887).  Bega, NSW. Died, (Unknown).....(See Below)
Clara V. Born, (1890).  Bega, NSW. Died, (Unknown).....(See Below)
Vivian F.H. Born, (1893).  Bega, NSW. Died, (Unknown).....(See Below)
Linden H.B. Born, (1898). Bega, NSW. Died, (Unknown).

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Cyril Alfred STENNETT. Born, (1883),  Bega, NSW. Died, (Unknown). Married, (1908), Vera C. BOOT. Born, (Unknown). There were two children.

Alfred Edward Vere. Born, (1909), Bega, NSW. Died, (Unknown). Married, (1939). Myrtle Francis VALLANCE.
The second child died at  birth, unnamed, Born, (1940), Wagga Wagga, NSW.

No Further Information.


Ely May STENNETT. Born, (1885)  Bega, NSW. Died, (Unknown). Married, (1910), John F. ROBERSON, Born,
(Unknown), Died, (Unknown).

No Further Information.


Amy L. STENNETT, Born, (1887).  Bega, NSW. Died, (Unknown). Married, (1912), Henry WARREN, Born, (Unknown), Died, (Unknown).

No Further Information.


Clara V. STENNETT, Born, (1890).  Bega, NSW. Died, (Unknown). Married, (1920), Claude N. HODGSON.
Born, (Unknown), Died, (Unknown).

No Further Information.


Vivian F.H. STENNETT, Born, (1893).  Bega, NSW. Died, (Unknown). Married, (1922), Isabel A. HUGHES, Born, (Unknown) Died, Unknown).

No Further Information.

Emily STENNETT,  Born, (6/2/1848), Mudgee, NSW. Died, (24/12/1876), Woodlands Cabargo, NSW.
Louis Agnes STENNETT, Born, (26/2/1850), Paddington, NSW. Died, (1937), Hornsby, NSW.
Matilda STENNETT, Born, (21/8/1852), Paddington, NSW. Died, (1852), Paddington, NSW.
Rose Alice STENNETT, Born, (21/8/1852), Paddington, NSW. Died, (14/8/1909), Campbelltown, NSW.

No further Information on these Families  at this time


Clara Lydia STENNETT. Born, (1/5/1854), Paddington, NSW.  Died, (Unknown) Married,  (1881)
Montague CAMPBELL , Bega, NSW. There is record  only of  one child.

Myra M.  Born, (0/0/1882)  Moruya, N.S.W.

No further information


Arthur Charles STENNETT, Born, (10/2/1856) Bega, NSW.  Died, (1938)  Hornsby, NSW.  Married, (1886), Elizabeth T. CAMPBELL. Bega, NSW.  There were four children.

William A. Born,  (1887), Bega, NSW.   Died (1915), Liverpool, NSW.
Erick H. Born,  (1888), Bega, NSW.  Died (Unknown)
Dorcus G. Born (1890) Died (Unknown)
Bruce O. Born (1893) Died (Unknown)

No further information at this time


Edwin Felix STENNETT.Born,  (7/5/1858) Wollongong, NSW.  Died, ( 29/8/193)   Southgate, NSW.  Married, (9/3/1892),  Florence HAVINDEN,   Born, (16/11/1862).  Died, (22/1/1945) Sydney NSW. There were seven children.-

Clarence Edwin. Born,  (5/3/1893) Tilba Tilba,  NSW.  Died,  (30/4/1967). Sydney, NSW.
Arthur Frederick. Born, (19/3/1895) Tilba Tilba, NSW.  Died,  (6/9/1970),  Lawnton, NSW.
Myra L. Born, (14/12/1897) Swan Creek,  NSW.  Died,  (Unknown)  Maclean, NSW.
Raymond Felix. Born, (20/1/1899)  Grafton, NSW.  Died, ( 28/8/1964), Maclean, NSW.
Ruby Florence. Born, (16/5/1901), Swan Creek, NSW. Died,  (13/6/1993) Maclean, NSW.
Violet A. Born, (1903), Grafton, NSW.  Died, (Unknown).
Stewart Gordon. Born, (6/1/1906)  South Grafton,  NSW,  Died,  (2/6/1972)  Sailsbury, SA.

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Clarence Edwin STENNETT  Born,  (5/3/1893),  Tilba Tilba, NSW. Died, (30/4/1967)  Sydney, NSW.
Married,  (18/10/1916),  Elizabeth Alice FIRTH, Born, (12/10/1892), Wentworth Cottage, Coldstream, NSW
Died, (16/3/1968), Sydney, NSW. There were four children.

Joyce Merle, Born, (28/10/1917),  South Grafton, NSW. Died (24/10/1990),  Coffs Harbour, N.S.W.
Clarence Gordon, Born,  (18/4/1920), South Grafton, NSW.
Kathleen Florence, Born,  (12/11/1922),  South Grafton,  NSW.  Died, (18/11/1965), Coffs Harbour, NSW.
John Raymond, Born,  (20/5/1930),   South Grafton,  NSW.

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Joyce Merle STENNETT  Born, (28/10/1917)  South Grafton, NSW. Died, (24/10/1990) Coffs Harbour, NSW.  Married, (21/10/1936) , Coffs Harbour, NSW. Ralph Robert IDE , Born, (17/9/1915), (Unknown) , Died.
(9/12/1985) Coffs Harbour, NSW. There were nine Children.

Margaret Joyce. Born, (12/4/1937)  Coffs Harbour, NSW.
Nancy Merle. Born, (13/7/1940)  Coffs Harbour, NSW.
Ralph Graham. Born  (27/8/1942)  Coffs Harbour, NSW.
Beverly Kay. Born,  (24/4/1944)  Coffs Harbour, NSW.
Beryl Robin. Born,  (17/5/1946)  Coffs Harbour, NSW.
John Robert. Born,  (8/1/1951)  Coffs Harbour, NSW.
Sally Elizabeth. Born,  (6/8/1953)  Coffs Harbour, NSW.
Peter Jeffery. Born,  (4/8/1956)  Coffs Harbour, NSW.
Jennifer Ann. Born,  (3/12/1960)  Coffs Harbour, NSW.

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Margaret Joyce IDE , Born,  (12/4/1937),  Coffs Harbour,  NSW.  Married  (6/3/1964), Robert QUADE-SMITH, Born,  (Unknown) , Perth W.A. There were three children.

Sally M.  Born, (11/12/1964).  (unknown) Married, (31/8/1985),  Peter THOMAS.
Rebecca Naomi.  Born, (27/9/1968),  Elizabeth, S.A.  Married  (Unknown)  David GOODMAN.
Melinda Helen. Born,  (27/9/1968),  Elizabeth, S.A. Married (Unknown)  Darcy KOHN.

No further information

Nancy Merle IDE,   Born, (13/7/1940),  Coffs Harbour, NSW. (Never Married)

No further information


Ralph Graham IDE.  Born, (27/8/1942),  Coffs Harbour, NSW.  He Married, (28/9/1968), Leslie BURNES. Born,  (Unknown). There was one child.

Susan Jane. Born (7/2/1973). Married, Date, (Unknown),  Simon O'ROURKE.

After the death of his wife Leslie, Ralph Graham Married Mary SMALL

No further information


Beverley Kay IDE.  Born, (24/4/1944)  Coffs Harbour,  NSW.  She Married,  (17/8/1968), Wayside Chappel Sydney, NSW.Grigor TAYLOR,  Born, (Unknown). There was one child.

Nichole Naomi, Born, (15/5/1971)

No further information


Beryl Robin IDE.  Born,  (17/5/1946),  Coffs Harbour,  NSW.  Married,  (1/6/1963) Garry PARBERRY
Born,  (Unknown). There were three children.

Sandra Marie. Born ,(1/12/1963), Coffs Harbour, NSW.
Leanne, Born,  (4/2/1966),  Coffs Harbour, NSW.
Robin Francis. Born, (24/4/1972),  Coffs Harbour, NSW.

Beryl Robin. & Garry  divorced,  Beryl Robin, remarried,  (Unknown), Alan WHITE  Born, (Unknown), There were no children.

No further information


John Robert IDE. Born, ( 8/1/1951),  Coffs Harbour, NSW.   Married, (8/5/1976), Lynette NEWTON. There were three children.

Michael John, Born, (25/6/1978), Kyogle, NSW.
Shane Robert, Born, (26/10/1979)  Kyogle, NSW.
Mark, Born, (19/11/1983), Kyogle, NSW.

No further information


Sally Elizabeth IDE.  Born,  (6/8/1953),  Coffs Harbour, NSW.  Married,  Ben BUCKLER,   (Unknown)  (Divorced).

No further information


Peter Jeffery IDE.  Born,  (4/8/1956),  Coffs Harbour,  NSW.  Married  (1/10/1977),  Anne Loraine WATKINS, Born,  (16/9/1957).  (Unknown) There were seven Children.

Peter William, Born, (7/7/1978),  Coffs Harbour,  NSW.
Joseph Lincoln, Born, (11/1/1980),  Coffs Harbour, NSW.
Adam James, Born,  (4/6/1981),  Coffs Harbour, NSW.
Jonothan Mark, Born,  (11/9/1982),  Coffs Harbour, NSW.
Lisa Joy, Born,  (26/3/1984),  Coffs Harbour,  NSW.
Samuel John, Born, (29/1/1986),  Coffs Harbour, NSW.
Rebecca Ann, Born,  (28/10/1987),  Coffs Harbour, NSW.

No further information


Jennifer Ann IDE.   Born,  (3/12/1960),  Coffs Harbour,  NSW.  Married,  (20/7/1985), Andrew COPELAND Born (Unknown)  Kyogle, NSW. There were three children.

Stacy Louise, Born, (29/2/1986),   (Unknown).
Kylie Anne, Born,  (9/12/1987),  (Unknown).
Emma Joy, Born,  (?/6/1990),   (Unknown).

No further information
That Concludes the Family of Ralph Robert & Joyce Merle IDE


Clarence Gordon STENNETT,   Born,  (18/4/1920),  South Grafton,  NSW. He Married,  (6/3/1943)
Lucy Joyce KINGSTON,  Born, (21/6/192),  Wooloowin QLD. There were three children.

Ronald Clarence, Born, (14/1/1944),  Grange, QLD
Kenneth Gordon, Born,  (20/5 1945),  Grange, QLD.
Pamela Joy, Born,  (20/12/1948)  Coffs Harbour, NSW.

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Ronald Clarence STENNETT,  Born,  (14/1/1944),  Grange, QLD. Married  (0/7/1967) , Southport QLD. Albertina Maria DE-CRUZ Born,  (6/9/1942),  Maderia,  Portugal. There were two children.

Ligia Maria,  Born, (10/8/1968) , Southport, QLD.
Marcel Ronald, Born, (14/11/1973),  Southport, QLD.

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Ligia Maria, Born,  (10/8/1968), Southport, Qld,  Married,  (Unknown)  Japan, Bruce DILLON, Born, (Unknown), There is 1 Child.

Kian,  Born, (18/4/2000), Japan.

No further information


Kenneth Gordon STENNETT,  Born, (20/5/1945),  Grange QLD.  Married,  (12/11/1966),  Marlyn May ROSER,  Born, (2/9/1945),  Brisbane, QLD. There were three children.

Michael Kenneth. Born  (7/8/1970),  Southport, QLD.
Jared Kenneth. Born (23/6/1972),  Southport, QLD.
Adam Kenneth. Born (19/4/1980),  Southport, QLD.

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Michael Kenneth STENNETT, Born, (7/8/1970), Southport, Qld. Married,  (7/12/2002).Rachel Anna POCOCK.Hervey Bay Qld


Jared Kenneth STENNETT, Born,  (23/6/1972), Southport, Qld. Married,  (2/1/1999).Kerryanne LYELL. Grange, Brisbane, Qld.

No further information


Pamela Joy STENNETT,  Born, (20/12/1948)  Coffs Harbour, NSW. She Married  (22/7/1968), Paul SCHORR  Southport, QLD. There were two children.  (Divorced)

Kim Robin. Born, (22/2/1969)  Southport. QLD.
Jeffery Paul. Born, (12/2/1973)  Southport. QLD.

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Kim Robin SCHORR,   Born,  (22/2/1969)   Southport, QLD, She Married,  (12/8/1995) Brian GRANATELLI, Born,  (8/6/1967)  Mackay, QLD. There are  three children.

Joshua Brian,  Born, (30/1/ 1998) Mackay, QLD.
Nicholas James,  Born, (4/7/2003) Mackay,
Jayden Paul, Born, on (4/7/2003) Mackay, Qld.

No further information


Jeffery Paul SCHORR,  Born,  (12/2/1973)  Southport, QLD.  Married,  (11/2/1996) >Akiko KAMIMURA < Southport, QLD.

Kae,  Born,  (3/11/2004) 

No further information
That Concludes the Family of Clarence Gordon & Lucy Joyce STENNETT


Kathleen Florence STENNETT. Born, (12/11/1922) South Grafton, NSW.  Died, (18/11/1965) Coffs Harbour,
Married, (19/8/1941)  Coffs Harbour, NSW. George Manning CROSS, Born, (Unknown) Died, (26/3/1980)  Coffs Harbour, NSW. There were five children.

Elizabeth Joyce. Born, (1/9/2942) Coffs Harbour, NSW.
Robert George. Born, (13/7/1944) Coffs Harbour, NSW.
John Eedwin. Born, (19/8/1947) Coffs Harbour, NSW.
Francis Kay. Born, (2/10/1949) Coffs Harbour, NSW.
Garry James. Born, (19/9/1955) Coffs Harbour, NSW.

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Elizabeth Joyce CROSS, Born, (1/9/1942) in Coffs Harbour NSW. Married, (17/11/1962) Alan Raymond THACKER, Born, (3/3/1939), in Newtown, NSW. There were seven children.

James Alan. Born, (10/5/1963),in Coffs Harbour, NSW, Married,(31/10/1981),Ruth Narelle MOLE,
Steven Bruce. Born, (30/5/1964),in Bankstown, NSW, Married, (9/4/1994) Vanessa Irene STYLES, (Now Divirced).
Glen Robert. Born, (6/12/1965).in Grafton, NSW, Married, on (10/6/1990).Sonya Maree STEVENSON in Tweed Heads NSW,
David Mitchell . Born, on (4/6/1967).in Canterbury,NSW, Married,on (6/12/2003. Nicole Maree BRANDNEY in Penrith, NSW.
Debra Kay . Born, (8/9/1968).in Canterbury, NSW, Defacto Relationship
Craig Gordon Born, (14/5/1971), in Gosford, NSW,
Richard Edwin Born, (9/10/1968), in Gosford, NSW. Married,on (13/11/2004) at South West Rocks, NSW.Sonya Louise LENARD

See Below.


 James Alan Born, on 10/5/1963,at Coffs Harbour,NSW.Married, on (31/10/1081), at Coffs Harbour, NSW. Ruth Narelle MOLE, at Coffs Harbour, NSW.

 Natalie Renee, Born, on 5/3/1982 at Coffs Harbour, NSW
 Kenneth Scott, Born, on 24/5/1986 at Coffs Harbour, NSW

No further information


 Steven Bruce THACKER, Born, on 30/5/1964, at Bankstown, NSW. Married,on (9/4/1994) Venessa Irene STYLES,at Coffs Harbour, NSW (Now Divorced)

No further information


 Glen Robert THACKER,Born, on 6/12/1965, at Grafton, NSW.Married, on 10/7/1990, Sonya Maree STEVENSON, at Tweed Heads, NSW.

 Christopher Charles, Born, on 18/7/1991, at Tweed Heads, NSW.
 Samantha Louise, Born, on 21/3/1997, at Tweed Heads, NSW.

No further information


 David Mitchell THACKER,Born, on 4/6/1967, at Canterbury, NSW.Married, on 6/12/2003, Nicole Maree BRANDLEY, at Penrith, NSW.

 Kaitlan Renee BRANDLEY, Born, on 13/5/1998, (Adopted by David).
 Ann THACKER, Born, on 21/3/1997,

No further information


 Debra Kay THACKER,Born, on 8/9/1968, at Canterbury, NSW.(Single Mother),

 Jacob Gordon, Born, on 31/5/2000.

No further information


Richard Edwin THACKER, Born, (9/10/1972) in Gosford, NSW. Married, (13/11/2004) Sonya Louise South West Rocks,NSW.

No further information.


Robert George CROSS, Born, (13/7/1944) Coffs Harbour, NSW.  Married,  (12/11/1966),  Beryl HEHIR
Born, (Unknown). There were three children.

Tina Anne . Born, (11/5/1967).
Leisa Kathleen. Born, (12/8/1969).
Robert Bruce.  Born, (7/5/1978).

No further information.


John Edwin CROSS, Born, (19/8/1947)  Coffs Harbour, NSW. Married,  (1970),  Ruby (unknown) Born, (Unknown)  Divorced.  Remarried  Sandra PHELPS, Born (unknown) There were four children.

Kylie Florence . Born, (29/5/1976).
Desmond Manning .Born, (9/6/1977).
Letitia Sandy . Born, (21/5/1978).
Nathan Edwin . Born, (23/11/1982).

No further information.


Francis Kay CROSS, Born, (2/10/1949) Coffs Harbour, NSW.  Married,  (8/7/1977) Robyn Rapana HEPI, Born,  (Unknown). There were four children.

Michael George Cross.  Born, (5/7/1971). Married, on 4/12/1997, Janet BUTLER(Now Divorced) there was one Child
Robyn Rapana . Born, (4/6/1976).
Samuel Tetetaha . Born, (24/7/1977).Married, on 26/6/1996, Erima Gaye GREGORYThere were Three Children
Ruihana Kathleen . Born, (18/3/1980).

See below


Michael George Cross HEPI.  Born, (5/7/1971). Married, on 4/12/1997Janet BUTLER(Now Divorced) there was one Child

Robyn RapanaBorn (4/6/1976).

See below


Samuel Tetetha HEPI Born, (24/7/1977).Married  on (26/6/1996) Erima Gay GREGORY

Tamiahana Rapana HEPIBorn on (24/12/1995) at Canberra ACT
Jackson Tetetha HEPIBorn on (21/9/1997) at Canberra ACT
Moanna Destiny HEPIBorn on 26/1/2002 at Coffs Harbour, NSW

See below


John Raymond STENNETT, Born, (20/5/1930)  South Grafton, NSW.  Married,  (10/4/1950), Wilga Joy PRICE, Born, (23/10/1931). There were three children (one Foster Child)
Dianne Jennifer. Born, (2/7/1952) Coffs Harbour, NSW.
Phillip John. Born, (18/12/1958) Coffs Harbour, NSW.
Leslie J. Born (unknown) Ne-LARSON.  Franklin, Tasmania. (Foster Child)

See below


Dianne Jennifer STENNETT, Born, (2/7/1952) Coffs Harbour, NSW. Married, (4/7/1957), John TAM, Born (Unknown). There were three children.

Jonothan Adam. Born, (26/1/1976).
Amanda Elizabeth. Born, (9/7/1977).
Nicholas Laurence. Born, (6/8/1980).

No further information.


Phillip John STENNETT, Born, (18/12/1958)  Coffs Harbour, NSW.  Married, ( 5/12/1984),  NerelleLATHLEAN, Born,  (Unknown) There were two children.

Karina Amy . Born, (23/12/1987).
Ashley Jane. Born, (13/5/1991).

No further information


Lesslie J. STENNETT, (Ne-LARSON) (Foster Child), Born, (Unknown)  Franklin Tasmania, Married, (8/10/1983), Kim Ruth DAVEY, Born, (unknown).

No further information
That concludes the Family of John Raymond & Wilga Joy STENNETT


Arthur Frederick  STENNETT   Born,  (19/3/1895)   Tilba Tilba NSW.  Died , (6/9/1970)   Lawnton NSW. Married  (12/12/1917)  Mary Anne LLEWELLYN  Died, (Unknown). There were three children.

Gwenda E. Born, (4/10/1918)  South Grafton, NSW.  Died,  (29 / 4/ 1993) Maclean, NSW.
Mary J. Born,  (21/7/1918)  South Grafton, NSW.  Died,  (9/12/1984)  Maclean, NSW.
Dolly D. Born,  (9/5/1924) South Grafton, NSW.  Died,  (5/9/1970)  Maclean, NSW.

See Below


Mary Joan (Molly) STENNETT, Born, (21/7/1922), South Grafton, NSW. Died, (9/12/1984), Maclean Hospital, NSW.  Married, (1/3/1958), Augustus Gordon BETTERRIDGE  Born, (6/12/1898), Maclean, NSW. Died, (12/4/1991), Maclean Hospital, NSW. There was one child.

Gwenda Mary, Born, (4/10/1959), Maclean, Maternity Hospital, NSW.

No further information


Dolly Daisy STENNETT, Born, (9/5/1924) South Grafton, NSW.  Died, (15/9/1970), Grafton Hospital, NSW. Married,  (27/1/1954),Donald Anderson RAMSAY,  Born, (18/3/1933), ,Maclean, NSW. Died, (25/7/1979), Maclean Hospital. NSW. There Were 4 children.

Elizabeth Amy, Born, (2/6/1955), Maclean, NSW.
Robert Donald, Born, (18/11/1957), Maclean, NSW.
William John, Born, (18/3/1959), Maclean, NSW.
Lynette Judith, Born, (13/6/1963), Maclean, NSW.

            See Below 


Robert Donald RAMSAY,  Born, (18/11/1957),  Maclean,  NSW. Married, (21/7/1979), Kay Denise PRINGLE
Born, (Unknown). There were 3 children.

Kristy Elizabeth, Born, (19/4/1980), Glen Innes, NSW.
Cindy Maree, Born, (25/5/1982), Glen Innes, NSW.
Kelly Anne, Born, (7/12/1984), Glen Innes, NSW.

Robert Donald RAMSAY, 2nd, Marriage, (4/3/1995)  Sherrielle (Unknown) Born (Unknown).
There was 1 child.

Nathan, Born, (Unknown).

No further information


William John RAMSAY,  Born, (16/3/1959), Maclean, NSW.  Married, Christene Louise PECK, Born, (Unknown). There were 2 children.

Mathew William, Born, (11/8/1987), (Unknown).
Belinda Louise, Born, (10/5/1989), (Unknown).

No further information


Arthur Frederick STENNETT, 2nd, Marriage, (8/12/1956) Elizabeth Jane NOBLE, Born, (28/12/1905), Died,
(11/2/1984),  Redcliffe Hospital, QLD. There was 1 child & 1 Adopted child.

Graham T.  (Nee NOBEL)  (adopted), Born, (20/12/1949), Married, Jane WANLESS. Born, (Unknown) There was one child.

Leah Maree.  Born, (18/2/1974), Redcliffe, Qld.

No further information
That concludes the family of Arthur Frederick & Mary Ann STENNETT


Myra L. STENNETT  Born,  (14/12/1896)  Swan Creek,  NSW.  Died,  (unknown), Married. (1932)
Rashleigh H. CLEARY Born, (unknown)   Maclean, NSW.   There was one child. (Adopted}

Dulcie Born,  (16/9/1916)   Maclean, NSW.

No further information.


Dulcie STENNETT Born,  (16/9/1916).  Married  (1935) Athol SCHIP  Maclean, NSW.

No further information.


Raymond F. STENNETT  Born,  (20/1/1899). Died,  (28/8/1964) Maclean,  NSW. Married,  Ellen Caroline SHANNON  Born,  (16/9/1907). Died,  (10/4/1980)  Maclean,  NSW. There were three children.

Fay Catherine.  Born,  (12/11/1933),  Maclean. NSW.
Maurine Patricia. Born,  (1934), Maclean,  NSW.
Kevin John.  Born,  (4/11/1935), Maclean,  NSW.

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Fay Catherine,  Born, (12/11/1933),  Maclean,  NSW. Married,  (Unknown) Victor (Vic) SIMMONS, Born, (Unknown), There were 3 children.

Karen, Born, (Unknown) Not Married 1 child Zoe SIMMONS, Born, (Unknown).
Paul, Born, (Unknown)
Nicole, Born, (4/10/1972) (Unknown)

No further information.


Maurine Patricia,  Born, (1934)  Married, (Unknown) Charles WRIGHT, Born, (Unknown).
There were 2 children.

Stephen, Born, (1953), (Unknown)
Leeonne, Born, (1953), (Unknown) not Married, 1 child, Andrew, Father (Unknown)

No further information.


Kevin John STENNETT,  Born, (4/11/1935),  Maclean, NSW. Married, (20/12/1965)  Francis May FIELDING
Born, (1/5/1946), (Unknown). There were 5 children.

Christopher Raymond, Born, (25/5/1966), Queanbeyan, NSW.
John William, Born, (17/9/1967, Maclean, NSW.
Robert Thomas, Born, (29/5/1979), Died, (9/8/1969). Maclean, NSW. (Cot Death)
Shane Andrew, Born, (16/6/1970), Maclean, NSW.
Sherrilee Anne, Born, (8/12/1971), Maclean, NSW.

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Christopher Raymond, Born, (25/5/1966), Queanbeyan, NSW. Married, (4/7/1987), Petrova Louise SHOWCROSS,  Born, (11/1/1967), (Unknown).  There were 3 children.

Peter James, Born, (24/12/1987), Died, (24/12/1987). (Unknown).
Leila Rebecca, Born, (23/7/1989), Sydney, NSW.
Dean Michael, Born, (1992), Sydney, NSW.

No further information.


Sherrilee Anne STENNETT, Born, (8/12/1971), Maclean, NSW.  (Defacto Relationship). Peter BLACHNING.  Born, (Unknown), there were 2 children.

Yasmine Emily, Born, (19/10/1992), Queensland.
Jeremy Kevin, Born, (29/12/1995), Died, (26/1/1996), Liverpool Hospital, NSW.

No further information.
That concludes the family of Raymond F. & Ellen Caroline  STENNETT


Ruby Florence STENNETT , Born, (16/5/1901), Swan Creek, NSW.  Died, (13/6/1993), Maclean, NSW.
Married Frederick W. ESSEX  (9/7/1927)  Born,  (19/7/1902)  Maclean, NSW.  Died, (3/7/1993) There were 4 children.

Alexander L. Born, (20/3/1928) Maclean, NSW.
Shirley. Born, (23/1/1930) Maclean, NSW.
Edwin E. Born, (1/9/1933) Maclean, NSW.
Winsome. Born, (1/5/1942) Maclean, NSW.

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Alexander (Lex) ESSEX Born,  (20/3/1928)  Maclean, NSW.  Married,  (17/12/1947)  Lena REALLY  Born, (9/8/1928). There were 5 children.

Stewart. Born, (1948).
Graham L. Born,  (1949).
Janeile. Born, (1951).
Frederick. Born, (1952).
Alison. Born, (1968 ).

No further information


Stewart ESSEX. Born, (1/7/1948),  Maclean,  NSW. Married,  (31/10/1970), Wendy (unknown).  There were 4 children.

Jasmine Belinda.  Born, (27/10/1978).
Michelle Rose. Born, (29/11/1980).
Alaisha Skye. Born, (2/6/1983).
Saskia Rose. Born, (14/10/1986).

No further information.


Graham L. ESSEX. Born, (12/11/1949)  Maclean, NSW  Married,  (15/8/1970). Cheryl SMITH. Born (unknown). There were 3 children.

Mathew J. Born, (11/10/1975)  Maclean, NSW.
Steven L. Born, (18/1/1977)  Maclean, NSW.
Gregory J.  Born, (11/5/1979)  Maclean, NSW.

No further information.


Janella ESSEX. Born,  (15/9/1951)  Maclean, NSW. Married,  (23/1/1973). Robert McLACHLAN. Born, (Uknown).  there were 4 children.

Rebecca A. Born.  (27/4/1975 )  Maclean, NSW.
Venessa A. Born,  (24/11/1977)  Maclean, NSW.
Jilie L. Born, (18/1/1979)  Maclean, NSW. Died,  (25/2/1979)  Sydney, NSW.
Paul S. Born,  (25/2/1980)  Maclean, NSW.

No further Information.vf


Frederick ESSEX. Born,  (4/10/1952)  Maclean, NSW.  Married,  5/6/1976. Rhonda (unknown)
There was 1 child.

Belinda J.  Born,  (5/5/1980)  Grafton, NSW.

No further information.


Alison ESSEX Born,  (27/1/1968)  Maclean,  NSW. Married,  3/9/1988. Rock DUFF. Born, (Unknown)>
There were 2 children.

Joshua M.  Born, (8/2/1989).
Samantha J.  Born, (3/8/1990).

No further information.


Shirley ESSEX  Born,  (23/1/1930)  Maclean, NSW.  Married,  (6/9/1952) Gerrard CAUSLEY. Born,  (14/12/1921)  Chatsworth Isl. NSW. There were 3  children.

Phillip. Born, (5/6/1953)  Maclean, NSW.
Eric, Born, (20/9/1954)  Maclean, NSW.
Susanne, Born, (22/3/1960), Maclean, NSW.

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Eric CAUSLEY. Born, (20/9/1954)  Maclean, NSW.  Married, (17/1/1981). Shirley DOMEN. Born,  (Unknown) There were 2 children.

Tracy.  Born, (25/11/1982).
Kylie.  Born, (9/6/1984).

No further Information


Susanne Florence CAUSLEY. Born,  (22/3/1960)   Maclean,  NSW.  Married,  (Unknown)  Garry (unknown) Born,  (Unknown). There were 2 children.

Aaron  Born, (Unknown).
Emma  Born, (Unknown).

No further information.

  ESSEX-JUNE (unknown)

Edwin W. ESSEX  Born,  (1/9/1933)   Maclean, NSW.  Married  (Unknown),  June (Unknown),  Born, (Unknown)  Tbere were 3 children.

Vikki . Born, (Unknown)  Maclean, NSW.
Elaine. Born, (Unknown)  Macleane, NSW.
Leslie. Born, (Unknown) Maclean, NSW.

No further information.

Winsome ESSEX  Born,  (1/5/1942)  Maclean, NSW.  Married   (Unknown) David BOOTH ,  Born, (23/8/1939),  (Unknown) There were 4 children.

Dianne.  Born,  (24/12/1964),   Maclean, NSW.
Christopher.  Born,  (8/7/1966)  Maclean, NSW.
Robert .  Born,  (0/5/1969)  Maclean, NSW.
Cathrine. Born, (unknown).

No further Information on this Family.
That Concludes the Family of Ruby Florence & Frederick W. ESSEX

 Violet A.STENNETT,  Born, (1993),  (Unknown)  Died, (unknown)  Married Robert GRANT,  Born, (Unknown)  Died,  (Unknown).  No known children.

No further information.


Stewart Gordon STENNETT,  Born,  (6/1/1906), South Grafton, NSW.  Died,  (2/6/1972), Sailsbury, S.A. Married, Florence Elizabeth BRADSHORE  Born, (11/8/1910)  Died, (28/8/1982) , S.A. There were 3 children.

Gordon Edwin. Born,  (21/4/1936)  (Unknown)
Lona Joan. Born,  (27/7/1938)  (Unknown)
Michelle Rose. Born,  (28/12/1960), (adopted)

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Gordon Edwin STENNETT,  Born,  (21/4/1936) Married,  (Unknown), Ellen Liley HAMENCE, Born, (6/6/1940) There were 4 children.

Reginald G. Born, (21/10/196).
Peter S.   (Ne-Hamence). Born,  (29/11/1963 ).
Debra L. Born,  (18/1/1969).
Raymond L. Born, (21/11/1972).

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Reginald Gordon STENNETT. Born, (21/10/1961) Married, Michelle Louise HIGHTORN. Born,  (10/9/1961).

No further Information

Peter Stewart . (ne-Hamence). Born,  (29/11/1963.
Debra Lily Florence.  Born,  (18/1/1969.
Raymond Luke.  Born,  (21/11/1972.

No further information.


Lona Joan STENNETT,  Born,  (27/7/19??). ,Married  (Unknown) Ronald Clarence MOIR , Born, (unknown)

No further information.

STENNETT- (unknown)

Michelle Rose STENNETT  (adopted)  Born,  (28/12/1960). unwed. There were five children. Partner Chris (Unknown)

No further information.
That Concludes the Family of Stewart Gordon & Florence Elizabeth STENNETT

That Concludes the Descendants of Michael & Phoebe STENNETT at this time. 12/5/2000