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THE "EBENEZAR" was a schooner of 47 Tonnes, and was brought out to Australia by her owner, Captain James HAVINDEN , with his family,  wife and seven children to make their home in the new south land.
Disaster nearly befell them in the " Bay of Biscay", where the family were battened down below the Hatches to await what fate had in store for them.
At the "Cape of Good Hope", Havinden, thought for the sake of the welfare of his family, that to continue was too great a risk, and sought to sell the "EBENEZAR",  but with no sale eventuating, he was forced to continue the voyage.
Six months after leaving England, the "EBENEZAR" put into  "Port Phillip", the  epic voyage in the little ship was continued to "Two Fold Bay" where it was terminated. The "EBENEZAR" being sold, afterwards, coming into the hands of the Boyd family.  The Havinden family, made the remainder of the voyage to  Sydney, in a ship called the "Black Eagle", to be followed by settlement in the Clarence River district,  where settlement was being opened up.
In the early sixties, Havinden became chief constable, head of the police in Grafton, NSW. only to resign a few years later, when reorganisation placed a man over him,  a thing his independent spirit could not tolerate,  He died in 1897 being burried at  Rookwood Cemetry.

The HAVINDEN  History (what is known of it)


John James HAVINDEN 1st. Born, (Unknown) Died, (Unknown).  Married,  (Unknown) Jane HARLOW , Born, (Unknown) Died, (Unknown).
There is only records of one  child,

James John 2nd  Born, (Unknown)  Christened (25/12/1812) Rotherhithe, England

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HAVINDEN-Mary Ann (unknown)

Captain James John HAVINDEN 2nd Christened  (25/12 1812) in Rotherhithe England. Died (25/10/1897) Parramatta, NSW.  Married  in (1842) Mary  Anne (Unknown)  his first  wife. There were four children.

Jane Susanna. Born, (1846)
 Mary Hellena. Born, (1848)
James. Born, (1849)
Maria. Born,  (1851)

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Jane Susanna HAVINDEN, Born, (1846) Died, (Unknown) Married,  (1871) Thomas CORDINGLEY,

No further information.


Mary Hellen HAVINDEN. Born, (1848), Died, (Unknown) Married, (1877), William Henry BRIDGE. Born, (Unknown)

No further information.

James HAVINDEN, Born, (1849).

No further Information.


Maria HAVINDEN, Born, (1851),  Married  (1876), Hugh POLSON. Born, (Unknown)

No further Information


HAVINDEN-TRENTCaptain John James HAVINDEN 2nd's, Born, (1812),  Died, (25/10/1879) Parramatta, NSW.  2nd Marriage  (00/1/1852)   Jane TRENE   (Nee-SOUNDY)  Born, (1823)  Westminster,  England.  Died, (1864). There were six children.

Lousia J. Born, (1852).
Fanny. Born, (1853).
Letitia. Born, (1856).
Sarah. Born, (1858).
Alice E. Born, (1860).
Florence. Born, (16/11/1862).

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Lousia Jane HAVINDEN, Born, (1846)  Died, (Unknown) Married,  (1876). John PHEMISTER, Born, (Unknown)

No further information.


Fanny HAVINDEN, Born, (1848) Died, (Unknown) Married,  (1877),  Alfred G. STENNETT, Born, (23/2/1846)
Died, (1920) Sydney, NSW.  There were nine children.

Emily E. Born, (6/2/1848) Mudgee, NSW.   Died (24/12/1876) Woodlands, Cabargo, NSW.
Louisa A. Born, (26/2/1850) Sydney, NSW. Died, (Unknown).
Matilda. Born, (21/8/1852) Sydney, NSW. Died, (Unknown).
Rose A. Born, (21/8/1852) Sydney, NSW. Died,  (Unknown).
Clara L. Born, (1/5/1854) Sydney, NSW. Died, (Unknown).
Arthur C. Born, (10/2/1856) Died, (Unknown).
Edwin F. Born (1858) Wollongong, NSW. Died (1892). Southgate, NSW.
Herbert R. Born (16/1/1861) Died, (Unknown).
Sidney T. Born (16/1/1861) Died, (Unknown).

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Letitia HAVINDEN, Born, (1856), Died, (Unknown)
Sarah HAVINDEN, Born, (1858), Died, (Unknown)

No further information.


Alice Emilly HAVINDEN, Born, (1860)  Died, (Unknown) Marrid,  (1876), Charles PHEMISTER, Born, (Unknown)

No further information.


Florence HAVINDEN, Born, (16/11/1862).  Died, (21/1/1945) Sydney NSW.  Married, ( 9/3/1892)  Edwin Felix .STENNETT, Born, (7/5/1858). Died,  (29/8/1932)  Southgate, NSW. There were seven children.

Clarence Edwin.
Arthur Frederick.
Myra L.
Raymond Felix.
Ruby F.M.
Violet A.
Stewart Gordon.

These Families previously covered under STENNETT
That Concludes the information on the Family of John James & Jane HAVINDEN